A survey by Black Book shows that more than twenty percent of hospitals in the United States have yet to implement a healthcare revenue cycle management solution. The survey shows that while there are noticeable improvements in healthcare revenue cycle management, there remains a significant portion of hospitals that do not have a workable solution in place.

In some more positive news, there is a greater amount of hospitals with transition plans than there was six years ago. Back in 2012, over thirty percent of hospitals had yet to devise a healthcare revenue cycle management strategy. This recent survey further shows that since then, close to 400 hospitals have implemented a solution.

Despite these recent developments, there is still room to improve. Of the more than 1,500 hospitals without a healthcare revenue cycle management plan, just over eighty percent are expecting to make a decision regarding value-based reimbursement next year without having software or an outsourced partner in place.

Value-based reimbursement is increasingly gaining favor over the common fee-for-service system, and there are strong odds the number of payments attributed to value-based reimbursement will continue to grow as private and public payers utilize alternative payment models to reduce costs and improve the quality of care.

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