stethoscope-2617701_1280A recent Humana analysis shows that value-based reimbursement continues to demonstrate improvements when it comes to quality and focusing on costs. Last year, primary care practice (PCP) related medical costs in the insurer’s value-based reimbursement models for Medicare Advantage were comparably lower than Medicare fee-for-service, just over fifteen percent in fact. The costs for patients visiting PCPs utilizing value-based payment models were also lower than patients seeing PCPs in the aforementioned Medicare Advantage.

The healthcare industry’s transition to value-based care hasn’t been an entirely smooth one. Although the Affordable Care Act played a major role in spurring adoption of value-based care, only a third or so of healthcare payments are related to an alternative payment model with a level of shared savings or risk. There is also research which suggests there may be lingering concerns as to whether value-based reimbursement will indeed lower costs while keeping care quality steady or improving it.

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