healthDataClose to ninety percent of consumers who participated in a survey stated they are confident in their physician’s health data security, yet significantly fewer feel the same when it comes to health insurance companies and pharmacies.

This confidence in data security tied closely to the consumer’s willingness to reveal their health data. While these consumers may not feel as confident about pharmacies and health insurance companies, even fewer of the survey respondents had faith in pharmaceutical companies (21 percent), research institutions (44 percent), government organizations (13 percent), and tech companies (10 percent).

Even as consumers show a greater willingness to adopt digital healthcare tools, the survey also showed that there are still groups preferring to stick to traditional healthcare channels. Perhaps not entirely surprising, young adults with high income showed a greater interest in adopting digital health, including wearable technology.

The rise of wearable technology has also lead to challenges regarding HIPAA. If a consumer is collecting their health data for personal use, there is no HIPAA issue to worry about. However, if a healthcare provider were to request this same information, it opens up a potential HIPAA “can of worms”.

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