MASHiring for a revenue cycle management team can be difficult. You might not know what potential candidates are looking for in an employer. To help you out, we complied a small list of tips for hiring and attracting potential candidates.

Lots of revenue cycle management teams look for potential candidates with specific degrees in healthcare management or healthcare administration. They’re also looking for people who are proficient in healthcare programs like Epic, Meditech, and Cerner. However, you should broaden your search and teach your hires the healthcare software instead. Looking more broadly can help you find a great candidate, even if they don’t have the specific degree you want.

Lateral growth in a company is important for revenue cycle workers. Cross-training and continuing education can really help attract a candidate. A revenue cycle worker might appreciate the opportunity to learn billing or coding.

Social media is a great way to get your healthcare entity in front of potential candidates. There’s a lot of fresh graduates who are social media savvy. Social media canalso  help boost the perception of your healthcare entity as well.

Your revenue cycle management team needs great people, and you can find them by following these tips.

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