masrecoveryAs healthcare organizations and providers continue to streamline and improve the process of revenue cycle management and the multitude of steps involved, there is a wealth of knowledge and potential to be gained by working alongside hospital-based physicians when it comes to matters involving common steps such as billing and collection. These physicians and the revenue cycle management teams they collaborate with are aware of the complex details involved in common revenue cycle management steps like prior authorization and coding.

When the time comes to contract managed care payers, the physicians are able to offer the extensive insight and knowledge of individuals that are considered experts in a particular subject and, therefore, reliable sources from which to learn from. This provides a higher degree of assurance that the hospital, as well as physician group alike, will, in turn, receive optimum reimbursement for essential procedures. By taking advantage of the expertise of physician groups as a vital collaborative resource, many revenue cycle management challenges can be potentially addressed and successfully overcome.

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