A group going by the name of Provider Data Action Alliance is looking to make major industry waves by championing significant changes to provider data standardization as a means of ensuring data accuracy. According to a survey by the American Medical Association, over one-half of physicians reported patient issues involving coverage due to data inaccuracies, including contact numbers, acceptance of new patients, and practice addresses.

According to a Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services audit of Medicare Advantage plan directories, just over half of practice locations had at least one inaccuracy. These issues may be arising due to the lack of provider data standards. Additionally, payers often have differing standards, requirements, and formats when it comes to their data, which only increases the odds of running into inaccuracies or potential data conflicts.

One suggestion being considered as a means of creating data standardization would involve defining a subset of primary data elements which would include unique identifiers for providers, groups, and locations.

You can read more about the data standardization in detail by visiting the following source link:

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