herphoneMillennials are increasingly becoming one of the most important generations in the country. Many of them are entering the years where they will begin to make important decisions regarding the healthcare for their immediate and extended family as well as themselves. However, this generation generally fails when it comes to meeting their healthcare financial obligations. How can healthcare revenue cycle management professionals respond to millennials and improve outcomes? Let’s explore a pair of ways.

Embrace digital. Millennials embrace the latest technologies, which means standard means of payment such as paper checks are largely if not entirely, antiquated. Today, money is sent and managed online or through mobile devices. These digital methods also facilitate communications, whether it’s through social media, texting, or the tried and true email approach.

Make it personal. Millennials place a great degree of importance on making sure whatever company they choose to do business with treats them as unique individuals and not just another customer. That means ensuring that whatever business is done is personalized to them. One strategy may involve including a coupon for a complimentary parenting class for new mothers when they receive their bill after giving birth.

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